1. cjwho:

    Abandoned Technicolor Castle, Italy by Palmerston Hotels | via

    The Castle of Sammezzano, near Florence, set in its own magnificent park of 185 hectares, is to become a luxurious Sporting Resort, incorporating a Boutique Hotel, Apartments, Spa and Country Club with Golf, Tennis and various sporting amenities.

    Palmerston Hotels & Resorts with its joint venture partners have obtained all necessary planning approvals.

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  2. new-brutalism:

    Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London, Norman Engleback, Dennis Crompton, Warren Chalk and Ron Herron for the LCC, 1968

    Photo: Simon Phipps

  4. unavidamoderna:

    Celosia en azotea, Edificio de departamentos, av. Nuevo León 255, Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, México, DF 1961 

    Arq. Jaime Herrasti Donde

    Screen at the roof level, Apartment Builidng, Nuevo Leon, 255, Condesa, Mexico City 1961

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  5. jonasgrossmann:

    clearwater public library, florida @ timetravelnow

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  6. renaissance-art:

    Details from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

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  7. feromona:

    Architectural studies for Le Corbusier and Niemeyer, c. 1955-65

    Lucien Hervé

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  10. calumet412:

    At the base of the Hancock, 1970, Chicago. Ezra Stoller

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  11. fabforgottennobility:

    Pantheon, Paris

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  12. nemfrog:

    M. Palacio’s proposed monument to Christopher Columbus for the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893. Never built, the globe, 1000’ in diameter would rest on a 240’ tall base. 

    From the cover of the Scientific American, Oct. 25, 1890.

    (Source: scientificamericanpast.com)

  13. prairieschoolarchitecture:

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Anderton Court Shops, Beverly Hills, California, 1952

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  14. arjuna-vallabha:

    Temple of Fortuna Augustus and temple of Júpiter, Pompeii

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