1. europeanarchitecture:

    Convento de San Esteban - architects Juan de Álava and R. G. de Hontañón, Salamanca, Spain (by RAYPORRES)

  2. artmastered:

    William Morris, wallpaper design, c.1872, print on paper, 84.7 x 66.7 cm V&A Museum, London

  3. pre-raphaelisme:

    Head of a Girl by John William Waterhouse, circa 1896.

  6. b-a-c-u:

    I.M.U.A.B.Central Building, district 3, Bucharest

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  7. blastedheath:

    Maurice Estève (French, 1904-2001), Composition 167D, 1959. Charcoal and yellow and blue pencil on paper, 51.5 x 65 cm.

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  9. rollership:

    Scale architectural models by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

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  10. scandinaviancollectors:

    Pavillion Wehrhafte Schweiz by Carl Fingerhuth. Designed and constructed for the Swiss Army in conjunction with the Swiss National Exhibition of 1964 in Lausanne. / Pinterest

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  11. stonerrchick:




    When a bullet hits a wall

    That is astounding. I legitimately watched it about fifteen times before reblogging it.

    this is so fucking satisfying to watch oh my god

    Does anyone else hear it crash into the wall?

    I can hear it….

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  12. gasoline-station:

    Forrest Shed

    by Collins Caddaye Architects

    The apartment was a shed and carpark space, and takes form as a remnant area described by existing driveway traffic.

    (Source: collinscaddaye.com.au)

  13. midcenturymodernfreak:

    Soviet Modernism

    1964 Movie Theater | Architect: ? | Sochi, Russia | Photo: Boris Feldblyum - Via

  15. hadrian6:

    Architectural Ruins. 18th.century. Neapolitan School. oil/canvas.


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